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UW Professional & Continuing Education Onsite Instructor Handbook

Table of Contents

Timeline of Milestones For Your Course to Happen:

14 Weeks (3.5 Months) Before the Course Begins

Preliminary Course Outline and Computer Labs

10–12 Weeks Before the Course Begins

Contract Packet, Textbooks, and Payment

8 Weeks Before the Course Begins

Photocopying of Copyrighted and Class Materials, Reserving Library Materials

2–4 Weeks Before the Course Begins

Instructor Handbook, Computer Lab, and Parking Permit

2 Weeks Before the Course Begins

Photocopying of Non-copyrighted Materials

5 Days Before the Course Begins

Preliminary Class List

First Class Session


Third Class Session

Mid-term Evaluation

2–3 Weeks Before Your Course Ends

  • Final Evaluation and Grade Forms
  • Final Exit Surveys
  • Submit Grades
  • Clock Hours
  • Course Evaluation Summary


Know Your Students:

Students in Certificate Programs

  • Credit Programs
  • Noncredit Programs
  • Profile of Students (As of May 2001)
  • Other UW Professional & Continuing Education Students


Grading Policies:

Credit Courses

  • CR/NC (Credit/No Credit)
  • Incomplete
  • Audit
  • Change of Grade
  • Reporting of Credit Grades

Noncredit Courses, Including Noncredit Certificate Programs

  • Successful Completion/Unsuccessful Completion SC/USC
  • Incomplete
  • Change a Grade
  • Washington State Inservice Clock Hours
  • Reporting Noncredit CEUs and Clock Hours


Access to UW Resources:

  • E-mail Account
  • Parking
  • UW Libraries
  • Web Resources
  • University Bookstore
  • Copyright Permission


UW Policies:

  • Academic Honesty
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Use of State Resources

Emergencies and Class Cancellations

  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Statement

UWEO Computer Lab Locations and Policies

  • Locations
  • Software Approvals
  • Operational Policies
  • Technical Support


Furthering Your Professional Development:

  • Questions About Policies and Procedures
  • Faculty Resources Web Page
  • Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR)
  • Useful Web Sites

Contact List

  • Program Managers
  • Class Lists, Grades
  • Contracts, Evaluations, Releasable Info
  • Payroll Questions
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Rooms, Classroom Equipment
  • Textbooks


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