Who should sign up for Non-Degree Enrollment?

Anyone ...
  • Not enrolled at the UW but wanting to take a UW class
  • Preparing for graduate school at the UW or elsewhere
  • Seeking additional credits toward completion of an undergraduate degree
  • Wanting to meet admission requirements for the UW or another university
  • Wanting to establish relationships within the academic community
  • Planning to make educational progress while waiting for admission
  • Hoping to get a feel for what UW courses and the UW experience are like
  • Looking to “test drive” a different field of study
  • Hoping to ease the transition back to school, one course at a time


World-class learning is available to you at the University of Washington in Seattle

Non-Degree Enrollment allows anyone to take courses and earn credit at the University of Washington without applying to the UW or enrolling in a degree program. Almost any class found on the UW Time Schedule is available for Non-Degree Enrollment.

Students taking courses via Non-Degree Enrollment study with UW professors alongside regular degree students, earn real UW credit and are eligible for some (though not all) student services. Many people sign up for Non-Degree Enrollment to fulfill graduate school prerequisites in everything from medical school to law school to teacher certification. Others earn credits to apply to an undergraduate degree, try out a field of study, or gain new skills for career advancement.

Enrollment as a non-degree student requires prior written approval from the academic department that offers your class and is on a standby basis, which means you are not guaranteed a space in the class.

To get started, find a class or go directly to the register page. For more detailed information about Non-Degree Enrollment, please go to the FAQ.